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Academic Help

Need Academic Help?        

AM Homework/Math Lab                                         

Monday thru Friday  7:41 – 8:25 AM                                      

Jerling Media Center


PM Homework/Math Lab

Monday thru Thursday  3:20 – 4:00 PM

Jerling Media Center


Writing Lab

Tuesdays  3:20-4:00pm

Jerling Media Center


Extended Homework Lab/Math Lab

Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday 4:00 – 5:00 PM

Jerling Media Center


Expectations of Students:

*Come prepared by bringing materials (books, assignments, notes, etc.).

*Come prepared to work, study, or with questions to ask.

*Arrive on time and remain for the entire session.

*Provide a working phone number at the Extended Homework Lab for a parent     contact.


Expectations of Students:

*Students may not leave campus and return for Extended Homework/Extended Math Lab unless accompanied by their parent/guardian to the main office.  In these cases, Mrs. Halper or Mr. Prorok will provide a pass for the student when they enter the front of the school.

*Students must attend the 3:15-4:00pm homework lab immediately preceding the 4:00-5:00pm Extended Homework Lab.


*Students may attend the Extended Homework Lab following an activity (sport, club, etc.) providing they come to the Extended Homework Lab with a signed pass and arrive promptly at the Extended Homework Lab.


Certified Teachers at Jerling Junior High School